Monday, June 11, 2007

TV3 is completely shit

Look, obviously nobody watches TV3. It's understandable when you consider the rubbish they peddle. Xpose, with it's celebrity shoe size exclusives and interviews with Z list nobodies is so deeply offensive that allegedly the Vatican are considering issuing a statement about it. Ireland AM is a slow motion car crash being replayed slowly, and in slow motion. Like a Car crash, happening very, very slowly before your eyes.

I presume therefore, that most of you have de-tuned it from your television sets or have at the very least, destroyed these TV's and installed a fresh batch of glaucoma on your eyes. For those of you that haven't, you may have noticed that this "channel" has just launched a brand new entertainment show. The show is called "Britain's Got Talent". I'll leave it there before I get violent.

You will need to go here, and then here

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The Swearing Lady said...

Ha. I saw that on the Sky menu last night. Says I to Himself, "What's that; Britain's Got Talent?"

Says he to I, "Doesn't matter. It's on TV3."