Monday, July 16, 2007


Aside from the fact that Kerry Katona was kidnapped today, I've had very little to laugh about. The rain continues, occasionally punctuated by some showers and scattered almighty downpours. It hasn't gone unnoticed at Disgrace Manor that it has rained EVERY SINGLE day since you bastards voted Bertie back in.

Anyhow, as a treat for my loyal reader, I have decided to post EVERY SOUPY NORMAN EPISODE SO FAR, below, in a post called 'EVERY SOUPY NORMAN EPISODE SO FAR'.

According to RTE, Soupy Norman is "A new Cork based drama inspired by The Playboy of the Western World and Winning Streak contestants"

Episode One: Soupy Norman saves the day

Episode Two: Watchout Soupy is about

Episode Three: Soupy to the rescue

Episode Four: Dr. Soupy's Prognosis

Episode Five: Soupy wins a car

Episode Six: Return of Soupy

Episode Seven: Soupy Returns

Episode Eight: Who was Soupy Norman - Coming Soon


OneForTheRoad said...

"oh my god it's an eejit!"

possibly the funniest line ever to feature on an RTE programme.

Conortje said...

Holy turnip fields this is fabulous. Unfortunatley I'm at work and we're barred from youtube here so I have to wait until I get home (Which is hours and hours away). I know what I'll be doing this evening though. Thanks a million!

National Disgrace said...

Indeed, hopefully this gets a second series.