Friday, June 15, 2007

Fun with Dick and Tara (Jane was demolished last week)

I know a lot of people are blogging about this as we speak, but the final act of the former Minister for the Destruction of the Environment, Dick 'Head' Roche, was to sign off on the completion of the M3. You might remember the M3 as being the road that carves through the ancient landscape of the Skyrne Valley, opening up hundreds of acres of soon to be rezoned land to commercial development. I won't bore you with the details of my opinions again because you're going to hear a lot more about this when the UN get involved. Anyhow, Dick Roche is an absolute cretin.

John 'grown man on a bicycle' Gormley says he cannot reverse this decision, so fat lot of use it was getting him into government then

More about it in the Indo


No witty closing comment today, I don't feel like it

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