Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Jo Le Burger

It could of been great.

A burger, in full National Disgrace regalia, for all to enjoy, at Dublin's newest, gourmet burger, hip comicbook menu, achingly cool eating joint.. But, despite tasting the bitter tang of runners up relish, I have been pegged as 'one to watch' by the ever inspiring Fake Empire crew. Comparing me to celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, the Empire have suggested that I could be on the cusp of something great. They romanticised about how my penchant for Saxa White and Oriental Spices could see me elevated to something even more Godlike than I currently am.
"The Burgers are only the beginning" they prophesied "This guy can create art from vulgarity".

Fake Empire have been guiding cultural traffic around Dublin for as long as I can remember and it's a great endorsement of me to hear them compare my culinary skills to that of a wise old Camel.. As we all know, camels have now developed sophisticated Palettes and, as can be seen by their ferrying of Tom Doorley from restaurant to restaurant, they have begun to make serious inroads into the diner culture of Dublin. Today Digestive Biscuits, tomorrow something else.

Join me, if you will, on my tour of Irelands school kitchens.

Together, We will rid this nation of personal sprawl and stale tastebuds

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