Friday, June 15, 2007

Board Rage

Board rage at full swing over at

It seems that Disgrace dropped his good buddy Fake Empire right into a seething pit of angry, up-for-it, county coloured GAA boyos and left him to it. 115 posts later, and Fake is still smartly dressed, still fighting his corner and still providing a very entertaining discussion too...

Highlights from Day 2 includes one user saying to Fake "sigh.. just because you have an enormous head does not necessarily mean you have an enormous brain..."

Fakey meanwhile has been dropping the one-liners like they're molten lava

"One last thing before I open a bottle of 97 Malbec... "
"I'll try... but my enormous brain is a weapon even I can't control sometimes!"
"I'm a fan of Rugby. I can watch soccer. But fencing is really my thing"

Take the points Fake, and the goals will come

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