Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Load of Rubbish

Here’s something I nearly posted, but didn’t. It probably made more sense back in the those ‘recessionary times’ of 2012, and in particular when Greyhound bins took over the refuse collection in Dublin City Centre. Hopefully it’ll have you misty eyed with nostalgia.

How to recover from a recession - One man's refuse is another man’s redemption
Sharing is caring, and rather than binning that crusty carrot because you have enough carrots in your carrot based dish, why not allow another person enjoy it?
Usually, in a non-third world society, people throw stuff in the bin that they don’t need. This ‘refuse’ is normally whisked away to a local dump to be lost forever. Not anymore. Thanks to the kind souls at Greyhound, bins are now left ‘in situ’ for a number of weeks, offering generous and ample opportunity for people to have a good old root and decide what they’d like to take from it. These bags of gratis-goodness are there for all to enjoy, on every corner of this city.
Your stale cornflakes, is another man's luxury breakfast. Your read newspaper is another man's duvet. Your used condom, a child's kite.
Back in the 19h century, eating from bins wasn’t so taboo, and why should it be now! They certainly didn’t have a recession (other than a potatoey one maybe) and we should take lessons from that. And if that wasn’t reason enough, apparently getting your dinner from a bin causes plague too, instantly reducing the numbers claiming welfare.
But, shouldn’t we live in a society that doesn’t have to rely on bin foraging to survive? Of course we should, but we should also live a society that doesn't leave bags of rotting, disease breeding, filth everywhere too.