Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Robocop 4

National Disgrace was heading towards some suburban wilderness over the weekend when he unfortunately snuck a glance at Robocop, officially Dublin's ugliest and illest judged building of modern times.. To be honest, the attached picture renders it in a semi romantic light but don't be fooled. In the flesh, this is a soul destroying creation. It's ground floor dead-frontage making the 'public' area in front an intimidating place. Lurking beside the Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers building like a grinning sex beast, if buldings could talk, this one would simply say 'I AM UGLY AS FUCK'.

There's plenty of discussion about it (and the hundreds of other badly designed buildings in Dublin) over on Archiseek.

Don't expect to meet a girlfriend there though

Edit: Hello to all our friends from Archiseek who have stumbled opon this blog, I hope we can still be friends?

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OneForTheRoad said...

I hate this building. So does everyone i;ve spoken to about it. A mate of mine lives in Austria and he'd heard about it.

And it's still vacant.