Friday, June 29, 2007

Ireland - Second Richest Country in the EU

Aren't we a great bunch? What, with our lovely big roads and lovely big apartments, and our lovely big SSIA's and our lovely big SUV's. And our overdrafts, 100% mortgages, consolidation loans, long commutes, 3rd world transport systems and dire health services?? What about our lack of tangible built heritage? Or our shocking lack of class and education??. Are we REALLY great with all that money we have??

According to a report I saw in the Metro (I wouldn't insult my arse - and if it's good enough for 97% of Luas travellers then it's nowhere near good enough for me) we're now the SECOND RICHEST COUNTRY in the EU. This is the latest in a long list of pointless reports to boost our egos. Obviously, these are Government published attempts to stem any ill feelings we might have towards the fact we live in a shit hole. THE SECOND RICHEST COUNTRY in the EU and the fact it was clapped across the headlines just show how obsessed we are with money. How we've essentially abandoned any thoughts of culture and pride and have invited in the wrecking ball.

Recently enough, when challenged on public amenities, the dark overlord talked, along with the usual "aren't we a great little this and a great fucking that", of 'ambitious' plans for the redevelopment of Rathmines Pool. He gushed when he explained that the whole footprint of this once prominent local amenity would be developed to provide much needed resources for the Rathmines posse. He positively beamed when he told us that as well as 100+ apartments, the public access pool would be replaced by a state of the art, membership only leisure centre. As he didn't say 'A Public Space, for double the price'. Involved in this exciting and much needed development is the demolition of two elegant early Georgian mansions. They'll be swept away for a Spar.

Here, I've a list for you:

BIGGEST FUCKER ON THE PLANET LIVES IN IRELAND - (I'll give you a clue, it's Bertie Ahern)


Anonymous said...

Well if you hate the country so much then fuck off out of it. Go live in the UK or the States.

National Disgrace said...

Now now Bertie, I've told you before, if you have problems with what I write, take it up with my secretary