Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This Party's over..

There was a time when the only green thing FF were interested in was money. Now, courtesy of some very dodgy alternatives, they have had no choice but to seduce the Green Party. Or at least, what was the Green party.

Roger Gartland, founder of the party, says that he feels 'betrayed' by the deal and has referred to details of the agreement as being unbelievably bad'.

According the Times of Ireland, The Greens have said they will now no longer oppose the M3 Motorway through Tara, or indeed any proposed or current road projects. Previously they had strongly objected to Tara and have been very vocal in opposing badly sited infrastructure. They will stand by too, as the US continue to use Shannon for high energy pit-stops to and from war. Corporate donations, one of the big issues in the Greens pre-election blurb, will continue, unaffected (although the Greens have stipulated that all envelopes used are recycled).

They have however secured a WHOPPING €50 million on education.. Yes that's right, €50 million (Approx the price of Christiano Ronaldo and a couple of crayons), and an incredible ONE Cabinet position. The planet too will breath a SIGH OF RELIEF as we plan to cut our industrial emissions, an act which will reduce world levels by an astonishing 0.0013%

Lively discussion on, as always. Especially about Tara/M3. Oh, and there's also a special on at Aldi

*Picture; Green Party's John Gormley and Taoiseach Bertie Ahern during talks

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