Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tarred and Feathered

Do you remember the old days when UTV news used to have headlines like 'Catholic Youth nailed to a cross in Bambridge' and 'Loyalist stapled to Milkcart and driven into crowded cinema'?

Well, it wasn't just the stories that made for depressing viewing. The studio and presenters looked they had recently been vandalised. Of course, all that changed when Bono grabbed David Trimble and John Hume by the hands, and Ulster Television news turned a corner.

So, instead of stories about 'Dublin to Belfast trains disrupted due to a dead Fenian on the tracks', we get news about 'the building of a Peace bridge between Newry and Dundalk'. Where we once would of had 'Young Belfast girl killed when she answers a lonely hearts from a Provo' we have 'cross community marriages now at all time high'...

That was until this


Nonny said...

heh heh, that is brilliant!

OneForTheRoad said...

ha ha! old skool!

it's like the 1900's never happened.

whats next? scarlet letters?