Saturday, August 18, 2007

O'Driscoll Punch - Bayonne v Ireland

If losing out in the Six Nations to a dubious last gasp try wasn't enough motivation to beat the French in the Rugby World Cup, then this surely is..

Now I can see why the English hate them so much.

Anyone for Freedom Fries?

L'incident - wideo
L'incident - wideo

L'incident - wideo
match de rugby
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Anonymous said...

What a bastard!!

National Disgrace said...

Yep, looked pretty pre-meditated, didn't it?

Scott said...

he was strangling the other player! how can anyone stand by and look at that? i hope o'driscoll gets battered in paris

Anonymous said...

Scott is a hun. i hope you get battered in Paris you sap. Strangling? Really.