Thursday, August 9, 2007


Boasting "Literally 'hours' of original content", and "more adverts than you can shake your wallet at", TV3 today announced it's jam-packed Autumn schedule. From the exotic surrounds of the public toilets at St Stephens Green, and with an obvious emphasis on fun, Gary Glitter tribute act 'Up the Glitter' entertained the invited guests and journalists before the main presentation by the head of programming.

Ranging from Drama to Comedy, TV3 have delivered a mesmerising selection which is guaranteed to delight.

Here's some Highlights:


The Bus - NEW SERIES - Documentary following a 14A as it gets it's monthly wash at Donnybrook depot. Featuring close up shots of the Bus windows before AND after the wash

Cookin’ Deadly!! - Cookery show presented by members of chart-topping Dublin rock group Aslan. Today Christy prepares Sausages in Batter for his 42-year-old Grandmother whilst the ugly drummer guy attempts a Batch Loaf sandwich. Sponsored by Murphy’s Opticians, Ringsend.


Heartbreak Street - New drama series from the US focusing on thelives and loves of a group of twenty-something’s on ‘Heartbreak Street’. Episode One: Alan and Jessie’s romance ends in heartbreak, whilst there is heartbreak in store for Molly. Meanwhile, Craig is bracing himself for heartbreak as he goes to visit Marcy.

Muldoon and Le Touche - Detective series straight from the US featuring two sexy lesbian cops. Muldoon is a 21 stone African American whilst Le Touch is an alcoholic Canadian with a gimpy leg. Today the crime-fighters uncover a secret drugs warehouse and are shocked to find drugs in it


Hammered! - Gritty Northern comedy from the North - Episode One - Bowsy is skinned alive outside the community centre and Jonny gets into a fist fight with his Granddaughter. Meanwhile Gerry and Melissa’s wedding is off again as he gets nailed to a cross by provos and Andy has some serious questions to answer after he’s discovered floating in a pint of milk.

Light Entertainment:

The Big Happy Alarm Wake Up Call Morning Breakfast Dawn Entertainment Show - Snappily titled breakfast show presented by Fr Brendan Smith (Not that one!!).Today’s guests include a young Longford boy who believe his teeth are haunted and a couple who claim their washing machine says 'sausages' when they put it on a mixed fabric wash.


The World Cup Final! - Live coverage of this years Egg and Spoon World Cup Final from Algeria. Competitors battle it out for the World Cup Final, in this, the Egg and Spoon World Cup Final


Cysb u Indoiom - Classic Kurdish movie starring Alsaf Hxemipo as a horse who dreams of being a little boy. (1956)


TV3 - A celebration – Hour-long special celebrating TV3’s birthday. Catch up with the gay guy who does the weather in the mornings as we go behind the scenes in our shed, sorry, studio. Filmed on a Nokia 6230 in mostly bad light for that ‘ cheap ‘ affect

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