Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Electric Picnic Timetable and Guide - Friday

It's Picnic time children, and here's Disgraces picks, in reverse.


10 onwards

LCD Soundsystem - Friday - Main stage

Cooler than a lock-in at Solas, James 'could of played for Ireland' Murphy is back, or well, here at least. Key tracks 'North American Scum' and 'Tribulations'

9.45 - 10.00

Modest Mouse - Crawdaddy Stage

Expect this to be full of people who don't even realise they've released 39 albums. Get this 15 mins in before LCD. Key Tracks ' talking shit....' 'Float On'

8.45 - 9.45

Bjork - Main stage

More screeches and wails than a Priest Filled creche, but very occasionally, something melodic and beautiful emerges from beneath the noise and when it does it's nicer than Christmas . Key Tracks 'Earth Intruders' and ' Hyperballad'

8.00 - 8.45

You time - Anywhere

Relax now and take it easy. It's only Friday and you're already disgustingly drunk. At this stage you could wander into Simple Kid, but that'd be too easy. The Dance tent hasn't even got warmed up yet so I'd avoid that as it'd be a bit like being at Funderland on your own. Best to slump against a tree and French kiss a stranger right now. Their saliva should contain enough energy to keep you going.

7.00 - 8.00

Hot Chip - Main Stage

The party is really starting now. Hot Chip's 'Over and Over' was the soundtrack to a summer of pants dropping last year and with 'My Piano' on a decent DJ kicks records they're well and truly back. Note, Hot CHIPS are available from a number of Vans around the site, but they're not the same thing

5.45 - 6.45

Paul Hartnoll - Electric Arena

You've arrived. 7 cans of Tuborg down already and your bladder is so ready to explode that the US are considering it a threat to security. Release the beast and head to ex Orbital man Paul's eclectic set. He mixes it up a little, and it's a great start to a weekend, that all being well, you will end up being hospitalised after. Key Tracks 'Patchwork Guilt'.
Saturday to follow...

Full timetable here

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