Monday, March 3, 2008

Girly Lilac Converse

Things that I know now that I didn't before the weekend:

Running with a paper bag of provisions from the Deli Boutique in Rathgar during a thunderous downpour, can often result in your selection of breads and fine gourmet foody things ending up in a drain on Garville Avenue.

The bar at the blog awards needed to be staffed by at least another 100 barmen.

Una from Una rocks has the same girly lilac converse as me.

Fakey from Fake Empire really should of won 'best blog post'.

My neighbours are trying to kill me (to follow).

The lotto numbers were 06,08,09,13,22,33.

"You remind me of Ivan Drago from Rocky 4" is not the greatest chat up line in the world.


Rosie said...

i dunno, Dolph Lundgren's a bit ridey...

National Disgrace said...

I don't doubt you Rosie, but I usually prefer them slightly more feminine. Female actually. Anyway, wanna go to the pictures?

Rosie said...


Anonymous said...

All the bloggers I know drink like fish - the rest are new to me :-)