Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Better never than Late Late

Things that annoy National Disgrace, episode 47,000

Whatever the occasion, be it Mother Theresa's funeral or a primetime documentary on Teen suicide, RTE wheel out that ridiculous clip of Boyzone on the late late from 25 years ago. Every time I switch on the TV lately, it's there. Really, are things that bad that we have to keep reminding ourselves of how bad things were, back in the day when things weren't really as bad as they are now? Do I expect coverage of the six nations to be punctuated by clips of Mikey Graham in a leotard (or whatever he was wearing?) with Fiona Looney, popping up and equating their appearance as being the end of moral Ireland and the final sperm that seeded that soon to be born Celtic Tiger.

Maxi must be spinning in her grave

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