Monday, January 7, 2008

Me Versus Mr Tayto

As my loyal reader and subscribers of VIP! magazine will know, myself and former 'Ms Disgrace 2002' have recently parted company. As with all break ups, there was tears, more tears, and alarmingly, gunshots. There was also a lot of soul searching to be conducted, as I faced up to the fact that I was now back on the market.

I didn't publicise the fact, esp. after the last time.

'Stampede of beautiful girls', as the Herald called it, or 'Phwooooarr, Blimey - Disgrace is back, Loveiily Jubbbbily' as the Sun so elegantly put it. The Irish Times as always put a more refined spin on it 'Disgrace separation 'unlikely' to raise oil prices'. Anyway, I decided some downtime was good and I went 'underground' for a while.

So, this morning, with fresh briefs on, and smelling like a sock in a prostitutes handbag, I decided to unleash myself at the female world..

Then I read this

And see this...

How the hell can I possibly compete? Do Calvin Klein do a Cheese and Onion scent per chance?

1 comment:

OneForTheRoad said...

Just grow a beard! It's worked for me.

I've pulled more women in the last 6 months of singledom than I ever did before.

They say they don't like it, but they lie...women always lie.