Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So, Disgrace is back. I'm saving most of the details for the book, but let's just say that being tied to a radiator and forced to tongue kiss a man dressed as Brian Keenan sounds like Funderland compared to what I've been through. Still, we learn and we live, and as long as the radiator has an eco friendly setting, we should all be ok

Anyway, horses. I was on my way to work this morning and a kid raced by on the back of one. At 8.30 am. On the Rathmines rd.
I note that top Jockey Kieran Fallon has been found guilty of fixing races. I also note that Kuerten's horse's B sample has been found guilty. Is this meandering nations love affair with horses over? I mean, other than having them in for dinner like they do in parts of Clondalkin, haven't we been guilty of mistreating them for too long?

Still, it is nice to see them in positions of power


OneForTheRoad said...

I have never eaten a horse. I have eaten a cow, but never a horse. And neither have my friends.

Thats all heresay.

National Disgrace said...

Oh, you're from Clondalkin? I meant you had them 'in'.. like as guests.. But I'd wager you were more of a rider than an eater?.. oh dear