Thursday, September 6, 2007

Martina Navratilova in Hulk Hogan Outift

Inspired by onefortheorads hilarious post about sick surfers, I decided to lay down a test and see if the following search terms are used and how much traffic it generates. This, I must stress, is not to garner traffic, but more to expose the sick nature of the general public. I refer back to this as an example...

So.. Let's drop some keywords and see how sick you guys are.

'Mickey sandwich'
'Nude pictures free in cornflakes'
'Romantic Rapist'
'Martina Navratilova in Hulk Hogan outfit'
'Sucking off Elephant'
'Dead Corpse Tits'
'Postcard with picture of pineapple in bikini on it'
'Nun face painting'
'Bertie Ahern in Lingerie'
'Balls the size of Jupiter'
'Kangaroo kissing Granny'
'Gentleman fiddling with penis'
'US drop Slut Bomb'
''Shamrock rovers fan naked'
'Where did you put the bounty bar? Urrghh, I'm not eating that now'
'Queen romps with Monkey'
'US ambassador covered in chocolate'
'Arse filled with tennis balls'
'Santa and dog action videos'
'Horse found in hotel room with TD'
'The Knuckle Jam Rap'
'Major sperm spillage on main street'
'Derek Davies talks 'boob jobs''
'Jim's Seedy Syrup'
'Sexy Sadamn Hussein'
'Set fire to pants and ride a bike'
'Naked golf players'
Jesus' cock'
'Sliced pan nude'
'Removing foreskin with stapler'
'Carrot stuck to donkeys back in orgy'


OneForTheRoad said...

Jesus' cock!!

Sacreligious i'll wager.

Conortje said...

'Bertie Ahern in Lingerie' please tell me nobody has searched that

Michael Nugent said...

Where I would get worried is if you start to find the terms coming up as multiple-term searches, such as

'Nun face painting' + 'Bertie Ahern in Lingerie' + 'Horse found in hotel room with TD' + 'US ambassador covered in chocolate' + 'Removing foreskin with stapler'

Still, barring the possibility of some very specialist websites, there should be a good chance your page would be top of the search returns.

National Disgrace said...

everything and the rest... some of the results are scandalous...