Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Star Wars 7 - Chocolate Polo

Last Saturday night, in the midst of the Joe O'Reilly murder circus (note to children: this is not the type of circus you can visit, with clowns and Algerians), Disgrace and Co. retired to a good friends for pornography and biscuits. The conversation ebbed and flowed like the frothy tide on Curacloe beach, when one of our party suggested we play 'charades'. After some innocent fun, and minimal personal injury, our game of charades turned to a nasty game of 'shouting at each other'. The Sunday papers had appeared you see.

It was that kind of night.

They were those kind of charades.

The biccies were Chocolate Polos.

The papers, as they have been for the past 2 months, were wall to wall Joe O'Reilly. The verdict had been made during RTE's Big Big Family movie, but before Trump Card. These Papers (dead trees basically), were now free to spread their spurious muck all over the mind-farm of Ireland. However they didn't, at least the high end broadsheets that I read didn't. I can't speak for the ones with the Dixon's ads and the soccer transfer speculations in them, but I'm sure they were reserved too. This did not stop Disgrace and Co. riding a merry-go-round of hi-energy opinions for the next hour. Voices were raised. Fists waved menacingly. Girls cried. Glasses too, raised. The Polos, eaten.

'This was a trial by Media' shouted Disgrace, not fully convinced
'Arrghhhh spurgggle fluuurp' responded the nameless adversary

And so it went on. Somehow, as the dark of night sank deep into the bottom of the glass, an agreement was made, when the last Polo left town.

'A trial IN the Media'. We agreed. Smiled. Posed for some photos. Played some monopoly

But, it's since then that Disgrace has watch the media of this country reveal itself. There was some 'Hang the Bastard' sub headlines. He was called a 'Crazed Killer' by others (Note, he is a killer, no argument). But yesterdays 'Oirish' Sun was made for the most interesting read. They claimed that Joe was 'obsessed' with evil dark lord, Darth Vadar (of Star Wars, the movie series). It was claimed by the 'award' 'winning' 'Irish' 'Sun' that he had a room devoted to his sinister fascination. He used to sneak up and people and recite chilling quotations from this diabolical fictional comic book character. This was the kind of Journalism that resulted in Disgrace having his unnamed friend in a headlock on Saturday night.

Still, I'm pretty sure Joe O'Reilly would be very easy to beat at Charades

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