Monday, July 2, 2007

Jockeys are weird

Does anyone know why Jockeys are so small?

Disgrace has broached the subject many times but has yet to find anyone willing to entertain him. The Internet however, doesn't answer back and ND can cast wild and insulting remarks as long as the wires that keep the whole thing together can carry them. Usually, when I assemble my various theories on the stature of these dedicated sportspeople, the air is littered with replies containing '..not since Nazi Germany', 'That's just racist' and 'Disgraceful'. The Big D always stands by his outlandish declarations. And if he thinks that some weird, growth stunting, negative Angel-Dust type drug is being ploughed into children's dinners across the midlands, he will stand by it.

Then again, it really helps to have a picture like this to back him up.


Conortje said...

"The Internet however, doesn't answer back " - what am I doing wrong? It's forever giving out to me!

National Disgrace said...

I've checked Microsofts knowledge base and found you a solution. I must warn you though, it ain't gonna be pretty