Monday, May 14, 2007

Vote Tory

Interesting news about a British Conservative MP Roger Helmer taking the case for the protection of the Tara Valley to Europe. In this country, may I remind, a land filled with cultural artefacts of British origin, our lack of regard for our natural and built heritage is nothing short of shocking. I have just spent a frustrating few hours reading the comments on Archiseek and have been struck with the divide which inhabits this issue.
The people of Meath, who like many counties circling Dublin, feel neglected and crowded, demand that this Motorway is built. Some for practical and selfish reasons, others for the infrastructural status. To be honest, when the motorway is completed, and it is lined with Retail Parks and Apartments we will have be hearing people promote their areas as having 'A B&Q and a Woodies', as if to say this is the be-all in civic status. I would much rather say I had a 'National Monument' in mine..

Although Twink does live up the road, I'm not sure that counts



Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning Tara and the proposed motorway.
We have an election here and three smaller parties have vowed to review or re-route the road.
For more information see

jd said...

save tara. what about mary. or sinead.

people before hills.