Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Mill at the Hill etc...

It was when John Gormley had Michael McPoodle in a headlock that I began to think of slogans..

'The Brawl, 1.3 miles from the Dail' I giggled.

McPoodle bit back, and with a sinister looking Liz O'Donnell shouting encouragement from her Ladder, he wrapped the Jolly Green Giants bicycle chain around his neck and stood on his face

'How's this for a 'carbon' footprint?' McPoodle scoffed as he laid one in Gormless Gormley. O'Donnell barked in excitement

'The Mill at the Hill' I magically coined

By now, Gormley, was looking a little 'green' around the gills but he somehow got the energy to bitch slap McDowell against the most famous lamppost is Dublin. We were looking at a winner when I came up with the triumphant slogan

'The Rumble in Ranelagh'.

Thanks to RTE for nicking it.

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