Thursday, May 10, 2007

Review of Week: With Amusing Pictures

Well, it's Thursday and I like to relax on a Friday so here's the review of the week (Part 1), in pictures, kindly prepared by Mrs Disgrace

Earlier this week we had 'the boss' skilfully, and possibly by means of a remote control, manoeuvring his poodle-in-chief into the firing line, for daring suggest that his lord and master had danced a merry but inappropriate dance with 'a few bob'. Oh how they laughed when Enda became a scapegoat on Boglands radio for daring to filter this information to the Public.

Here's a picture of Enda as a Leek which in this case, symbolises a 'Leak' and McPoodle as an excited plumber, trying to shore up leaks all over the shop. Funny is not the word.

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