Sunday, November 8, 2009

This is the News

They say no news is good news, not perhaps if you’re waiting for an urgent liver donation or the details of the whereabouts of a much loved family pet that had a penchant for biting moving tyres, but otherwise that old cliche is particularly true. Good news however is super. Good news is quite simply good news and way better than no news. Bad News though, is mostly flirting with the negative. Except for TV3 news, which is so bad it’s actually good news, bad news is generally just bad news, but bad news is good news occasionally, especially if you’re Sky News.

“Any News?”


“you’re fired”, says the director to Anne Doyle.

Today I had good news. I was expecting bad news, because in Disgraceland the cup is always half on fire, and was pleasantly surprised by it. I cracked a smile, stuck out my belly and blew a cheeky raspberry at my reflection.

That’s why I’ve gone mad.


Grow Up said...

Good stuff, sanity is much over-rated. But stay away from paranoid schizophrenia, that's bad gear.

Rosie said...

good for you. i stupidly caught the RTÉ news before bed last night and spent half the night wide-eyed with worry that all of our money will run out and i will starve to death, or worse, have to move home to my parents.

National Disgrace said...

Growy, I honestly though I had Paranoid Schizophrenia until I realised all of you are actually out to get me, especially you.. You're in my fridge right??.

Rosie, you don't know how spot on you are.. I'm about 5 weeks away from that horrible fate. Pray for me.

Thriftcriminal said...

Next to the lettuce.

Thriftcriminal said...

Ooops, I used my other identity

bru_gows said...

No news is definitely good news as i have been replying many times when i ask the question of friends and colleagues!!
Conversation seems to stop dead with a 'No news' statement even though there may be plenty!
Nest time i am asked i am loaded with just good news!
Its all good.