Sunday, April 6, 2008

They shoot horses don't they?

If so, can members of the firing line please assemble at Aintree and 'pop a cap' in the trio of a walking sausage meat that failed to deliver to me a bounty in yesterdays not so Grand National.

Bear with me here, I'm just entering some text in order to make the picture on the right fit correctly. Did you know that I was once had a Pizza delivered with exactly one slice missing? And that the first pizza I ever had was in 1994?

Grand, fits now.



Anonymous said...


Rosie said...

i like the pizza story better than the horsey one.

more pizza, less nagging.

La BĂȘte said...

I don't know why exactly, but I really love the idea of 'popping cap' in a horse's ass. How cool would that be?

La BĂȘte said...

I do of course mean 'popping a cap'.

Excuse me.

'Popping cap' sounds really revolting, and exactly the kind of thing I do not want to do in a horse's ass.

Just so long as we're clear on that.