Monday, November 12, 2007

Rollerskate Skinny - Speed to my Side

The greatest Irish single of all time?


OneForTheRoad said...

without a shadow of a doubt, from the best Irish band of all time.

Ken Griffin is now in a band called Favourite Sons, from New York, with the remnants of Aspera, who were basically a Rollerskate Skinny rip off act...

jd said...

that'd be Sheeba and 'Our Horoscopes'

Maxi was simply poured into those leggings!

David said...

Yes,Speed to my side is the best song of all times,and Horsedrawn Wishes is the best record of the Galaxy (maybe just after "If you're feeling sinister" by Belle & Sebastian,the record of my life).

I love The Smiths,The Pale Fountains,House of Love,and I can tell you Rollerskate Skinny are the best !

Love !