Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Friends, I have discover the scret to everlasting rigidness. With a combination of herbs and a wink from Derk Davis, the international sailing superstar, we have offered to you the wholesome result that combines big happy with emotional revolution. Make your lady lover go 'pop' with our full regime. We give tablet to you, for oral consumptioning, and you go 'woop'. Sending money is easily easy. Euros in envelope can evade strict protocol buy being gently scented with elephant mucks. After 3 months to an 12 yearage, we will dispatch your prize to your very own home, where you live with your penis.

Irish friends, of the emerald, do not wait. You have a chance to become a giant on the street and even pants will not help retain your honour. Draw a pictue of the result, as a tour bus crashes due to your maculine virility. You now have power, and we have money.

Captains, muscular hairdressers and ex cricket umpires have all said 'yes' to our questions, so why don't you do the same positive answering outburst too?

We have the passion and history of giving to the males a future of outward glory. This is your dance too.

Please do not tell the ploice, as they are jealous.

Wang O'Gettigan
C/O Muppy Sam Derivitives

(Disgrace, tired of spam and perhaps ready to return)


Rosie said...

i get my spam as gaeilge. you'd want to up your game.

Thriftcriminal said...

I get mine in Arabic, I like to entertain myself by imagining the ridiculous claims such as suggesting that my burka clad wife will have no choice but to walk behind me due to the 50m exclusion zone required for the shining missile of paradise that their products will bring into being in my groinular region.

National Disgrace said...

Well whatever the language, it's too good an offer to turn down.. Watch out Coppers!