Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Shaped Box

It's Valentines Day. I'm eating Ambrosia Creamed Rice and watching Nationwide. I had an operation on my arse last September that shows no sign of healing. I'm living in my sisters boxroom and my 10 year old nephew occasionally whispers 'loser' to me through the crack in the door. That'll do for now.


Rosie said...

aw. happy fucking valentine's day, Disgrace.

National Disgrace said...

I've cheered up slightly Rosie, thanks anyway.. {shotgun blast}

Thriftcriminal said...

Stop picking at it and it'll get better :-)

Flash Git said...

Dear auld Disgrace,
I am sorry to ehar about your hole. But God never shut one door then he opened another; to which your bottom is surely testament.
Given the splendid nature of your previous sermon's from (Bally)mount, I can only assume that you are ecstatic about Zanu-FF's obliteration in the elections. I implore you ot please post something witty, irreverant and caustic. The nation nees you more than ever. Even if I have decidedly emigrated hoping never to return.