Tuesday, October 6, 2009


On the right are pictures from the Pixies Gig in the Olympia last Wednesday. Westy and I managed to grab them in the 60 seconds or so that the band actually remained on stage.

A lot has been written about these gigs in the Olympia. Firstly, it was marketed as a rare chance to catch such a legendary act in such an intimate environment. And that it was. It was also quite clear that it was a ‘Dolittle’ album tour, where the band would play all the tracks from that era, and in order. However, nowhere in the press did they mention you would be home in time for Eastenders or be treated to an astonishingly ignorant display from Frank Black.

At nearly €1 euro per minute, we may have been thankful that it ended so soon, but it would have been nice to know beforehand. Perhaps MCD could have told the people that this was a rehearsal tour for the UK/Europe leg, and would be bare bones and lacking in any frills. Perhaps, but then they would not have been able to charge as much. In Glasgow two nights ago, Pixies played 8 extra songs. They also had a state of the art visual display that they ‘forgot’ to bring to Ireland. They also charged a lot, lot less.. (Scotland, €32: Ireland €55).

Now, what they did, they did very well. Technically excellent. And we can forgive Kim Deal for making about as much sense as a chocolate radiator, but what about Mr Black Francis? Obviously taking note of Ronan Keating's mega-hit, he decided he’d say it best, by saying nothing at all. One thing he should probably have said though, was ‘sorry’

Where is my mind??

Where is my refund!


National Disgrace said...

Thanks to Westy for the Title and pay off btw..

Grow Up said...

That's Ireland for ya, still rippin you off like it's 2007.

Dear St. Timmothy McVeigh, see those MCD fellas..........

Rosie said...

i had a ball at their gig on friday. so much so that i wanted to write to Wilco and demand a refund for their shitty gig in vicar st, and then forward the cheque to the Pixies.

Andrew said...

Like Rosie, I was there on friday night and had a fucking excellent time. It helped that I had been forewarned that the gig was only about 70 minutes long, which meant I wasn't disappointed. And every song they played was spot-on, I'm certainly releived that they don't fill up stage-time with 10 minute wig-outs like some bands do.
Comparing it to the Scottish gigs would leave me a bit irritated, so I'll choose not to think about it too much. But I think we've always tended to pay more for gigs in Ireland and the blae for that probably lies at the feet of the promoters and the venues rather than the bands themselves. At least I hope so, it's a depressing thought that all around the world managers are walking into rehearsal rooms and saying "Hey lads, we're tacking Ireland onto our European tour. Apparently you can play for half an hour less there, get paid twice as much, and the silly fucks still treat you like the Second Coming."
Ticketmaster alone accounted for €6.35 of every ticket bought.

Andrew said...

releived = relieved
blae = blame


Rosie said...

he was there with Rosie on friday night, which is totes why he had "a fucking excellent time".

National Disgrace said...

I'd certainly blame the price on the promoters, but I doubt they told the band how long to play..

And I also doubt they pushed it as "a night with the Pixies.. and Rosie" either..